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Explore Ipswich Trail Ride

  • 26 Aug 2012
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 9 Nags Head Road, Ipswich to 157 County Road, Ipswich
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  • I will arrive early to drop my horse off at Ralph Williams' barn, will leave my trailer at Joe Sandulli's and will shuttle back to Ralph's.
  • I will park my trailer at Ralph Williams' house, leave my horse at the Sandullis' barn at the end of the ride, and be shuttled back to pick up my trailer.
  • I will not need to leave my horse at Ralph's or Joe's and will make my own trailering arrangements.

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Join ECTA board member Joe Sandulli on a trail ride adventure across Ipswich on Sunday, August 26th.

We will meet at 10:00 am at Ralph Williams' house, 9 Nags Head Road, which is right across from the Village Pancake House and the Rt. 133/Rt. 1A junction at the Ipswich/Rowley line.
Joe and his wife Chris will lead us along trails through Prospect Hill, behind the Ipswich Country Club, across Marini Farms, into Willowdale.  At that point we will choose either the Turner Hill route or the Bradley Palmer route depending on what the group would like to see.  The route is about 8 miles and the pace will be mostly trotting and walking.  The ride will end at Joe and Chris's house, which is 157 County Road in Ipswich (between the Presbyterian Church and the Ipswich River Watershed Assoc. property).  Refreshments at Joe's house.

Please note: There could be some issues for some horses: behind the Ipswich Country Club there are 4 bridges across wetlands.  The bridges are low to the ground, but are only about 6 feet wide.  The Bradley Palmer route has a somewhat long, high bridge crossing, but the sides have been built up so most horses do not have a problem.  The Turner Hill route would have a shallow river crossing.

Advance registration is required for this event.  For horse management, we recommend the following options:
1) Arrive early to drop your horse off at Ralph's barn, where we can accommodate about 10 horses, drive your trailer to Joe's house and we will shuttle you back to Ralph's
2) Leave your trailer at Ralph's and then stable horse at Joe's after the ride when we will shuttle you back to pick up your trailer.
3) Partner with a friend to leave a trailer at Joe's and then trailer together to Ralph's

Maximum Number of Participants: 18
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